EAC Engineering, Inc

Our Staff


 Michael Mitchell, P.E.

Michael is co-owner and Senior Engineer of EAC Engineering, Inc. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis in 1989. Michael is registered as a Civil Professional Engineer in 18 States.  See More




Travis Kator, P.E.

Travis is co-owner and lead Environmental Engineer of EAC Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Kator has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from Utah State University with an emphasis in air quality and water/wastewater treatment.  He is licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Texas and has 15 years of Civil and Environmental Engineering experience.  
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Kelly Gray, Office Manager

Kelly has worked for EAC Engineering, Inc. for approximately 6 years as a Project and Office Manager and is now located in the California office.  Kelly brings a very diverse background of experience from her position as a Human Resources Specialist in Idaho.  This experience gives her an excellent understanding of State and Federal government agency structure and interaction.  As a Nutrient Management Coordinator for the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, she managed the technical aspects of the Dairy Waste Program.   See More

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