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EAC Engineering, Inc. is a multi-state firm employing 6 staff members.  We have offices in Turlock California and Soda Springs Idaho.

EAC Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience in the livestock industry, specifically with dairies.  We have a vast knowledge of dairy cattle handling, milking, and comfort systems; take care in laying out operations to maximize flow and comfort while using minimal acreage to do so; and have a full understanding of all manure handling, storage, and treatment processes such as anaerobic digester's, gas collection, power generation, and pond lining systems.  They also have experience, and are qualified to work with, commercial agriculture, industrial agriculture, and on riparian projects.  EAC Engineering, Inc. provides a unique mix of education and experience in the agricultural, environmental, and civil engineering fields.  The firm has a combined 33 years of experience in these fields.  They have completed multiple CEQA documents for dairy operations in the southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley.


EAC Engineering, Inc. has prepared a conditional use permit for the expansion of an existing retail nursery in the City of Modesto.  In the process of preparing the CUP application, a proposed site plan was prepared with plant display, propagation and growing areas for each type of plant identified.  Aisles and work areas were designed to meet ADA requirements.  Irrigation, drainage and electrical utility plans were developed for review by City Planning Commission.  Traffic movement within the facility, as well as security fencing and lighting were detailed on the site plan. 



Michael has assisted several composting operations obtain State Water Quality permits for new facilities or facility expansions.  One of the facilities was a field test for a newly developed aerobic treatment process for dairy manure and organic food processing waste located in Tulare County.  Another project was the expansion of an existing Idaho dairy manure composting facility to include an additional 25 acres of composting yard to accept sugar beet pulp and potato waste to be combined with dairy manure in the composting process for a final retail market in Las Vegas, NV.

Travis assisted the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) with the design and approval of a land application system for potato process wastewater from Basic American Foods.  As Lead Engineer of the Chemigation Program in Idaho, Travis was responsible for the design, review, and approval of land application systems of chemicals, fertilizer, and process wastewater for all agricultural related industries, including food processing and industrial agricultural operations opting to land apply wastewater.  At Utah State University, Travis’ design team designed a land application system for the City of Richmond municipal wastewater treatment facility in Utah.  This project required a close working relationship with the City Council and Utah Department of Environmental Quality.



Michael and Travis’ main experience with CEQA and environmental reporting is for the dairy industry in the Central Valley.  While working for Macedo Mitchell Engineering, they prepared EIR documents in Tulare County.  These EIR projects included the preparation of Notice of Preparation, Administrative Draft, Draft and Final EIR documents. 

For EAC, Travis acted as the project manager for the development of seven (7) Technical Reports for the Site Plan Review Application under the Dairy Element of the Kings County General Plan EIR.  The Technical Reports were developed for new dairy facilities ranging in size from 1000 milk cows and 200 acres up to 2400 milk cows and 700 acres.  The process required an in-depth understanding of the County requirements and CEQA.  Travis worked closely with the Kings County Planning Department in the development of the Technical reports to insure that all aspects of CEQA were satisfied for each project, in accordance with the Kings County Program EIR for dairies.

Michael assisted San Bernardino County with the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration of a new plug flow digester at the Meadowbrook Dairy in El Mirage, CA in 2003.

In 2007, Travis worked with Dry Creek Dairy in Hansen, ID in conjunction with Standley & Co. and Andgar Corporation to obtain design and construction approval from the State of Idaho and Twin Falls County for a manure flush system that included a mechanical separation system, 4 containment structures, a 2-stage plug flow anaerobic digester, and power generation facility.



Michael has extensive experience with planning, permitting, construction, and compliance monitoring of in-stream construction and stream bank protection, primarily gained while working with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game.  National Marine Fisheries Service dedicated nearly $50M over 5 years to Idaho, Washington and Oregon for salmonid fish passage projects, including in-stream ladders and irrigation diversion screens. 

Travis worked in conjunction with the Idaho Soil Conservation Commission as a representative of ISDA on several riparian area projects in the State of Idaho.  The majority of these projects pertained to limiting or removing cattle access to stream and river banks.  This required working with local cattlemen, cattle associations, the EPA, IDEQ, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the Fish and Wildlife Service to obtain permits and approval of designs for the construction of fencing, “off-stream” cattle watering systems, cattle stream crossings, and reseeding/planting of damaged riparian areas.  Travis also designed the embankment stability and redirection of a small section of the Portneuf River in Inkom, Idaho using native rock reinforcement and vanes to protect several agricultural buildings and a bridge abutment.  This required several public and regulatory meetings with local, State, and Federal agencies in order to obtain approval for the project.



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